Active Listening: Today´s Leadership Essential Asset

By Maru Barrios (Coach, Co-Founder and Beehappy CEO).

In Elementary School did you learn the difference between hearing and listening right?

It is essential to have very present that distinction if you're leading today. Many times, as leaders, we take a lot of time creating strategies to lead the team when the same team has  the most simple and viable tactics.

So sometimes, most of the leader´s job is done only implementing Active Listening (that listening in which I am fully committed and interested in the other and not in replying the other).

We want to share with you a very simple questionnaire that you can ask your collaborators to answer monthly in a confidential and anonymous way, that could help you to practice your Active Listening. 

And please, try yo implement the suggestions that you read here because if not, this practice loses all credibility if the team don´t observ some improvements.


1. What have you accomplished this month that makes you feel the most proud?

2. If you were the CEO, which is something you would do differently?

3. How can I be a better leader for you?

4. What is your biggest challenge now?

5. What can we do to be more successful?

6. What should we do to improve our product / service?

7. In which projects you would like to participate if the opportunity appear?

Covey says that the main problem of communication is that we listen to defend ourselves from the other and not to understand the other. LEADERS LISTEN TO UNDERSTAND.